Message from Barbara Perry MP

I am honoured to be included in this souvenir publication celebrating the 27th Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair.

Multiculturalism represents one of the most beautiful and unique aspects of the life of our state; the Islamic community have proven themselves to be invaluable partners in establishing the rich identity we share- and the harmony that binds us together.

Eid celebrations are a timely reminder of the value that Islam holds to Muslims and non-Muslims alike with its emphasis on compassion for the poor, peace- and love of God, family and others.
The MEFF is also a spectacularly enjoyable event featuring colourful costumes, delicious food, song and dance for people of all ages.

It is a great opportunity for the community to mingle and for non-Muslims to learn more about the Islamic faith in a fun and social environment.

As the popularity of the event begins to grow, I am heartened by how well it is being received by our wider community.

I offer my sincerest commendations to the organisers, sponsors and all those who play their part in making the day such an outstanding success.

Barbara Perry MP