Message from Chris Hayes MP Federal Member for Fowler

I am honoured to represent the Prime Minister and the Minister for Multicultural
Affairs at the 28th Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair.
I have attended the festival many times and each year I am taken with the vibrancy
and enthusiasm shown by all those involved.
The festival not only showcases Australia’s rich cultural diversity but is a celebration
of the completion of Ramadan.
Australian Muslims have contributed significantly to our way of life and it is fitting that
the festival celebrates their religion, traditions and culture
I congratulate the Australian MEFF Consortium for their passion and dedication,
bringing together such a diverse community to celebrate as one.
As a Federal Member of Parliament, it is a privilege to represent the electorate of Fowler, the most multicultural electorate in Australia and the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair is an example of what our community does best – sharing values and extending the hand of friendship.
I wish all everyone a happy Eid.
Eid Mubarak!

Chris Hayes MP

Federal Member for Fowler