Message from Dr. Q. Ashfaq Ahmad

Message from Dr. Q. Ashfaq Ahmad

 Patron of MEFF

The advancement of Science and Technology has ushered a sophisticated era of material comforts and facilities for the enjoyment and entertainment of humanity. But this achievement has been at the cost of some degree pollution of minds and hearts and the environment that has deprived us from the care, love and sympathy for other humans around the world. We all have become more engrossed and concerned about ourselves but neglecting others of different creeds, cultures and conditions of living. Sometimes some of us may listen to the appeal for the great disasters and calamities in the world and then sleep over.

Knowledge is the greatest boom for human kind and its three main branches of science, religion and philosophy are the most important agents for the humans to carve out the best possible way of living in this world for harmony and peace. Unfortunately, our carved desires of greed, lust and selfishness prevent the humans to eradicate the evils of poverty, misery and sufferings and injustice.

Philosophy and religion both deal with the perrineal issues of the human minds. Philosophy try to deal with the help of intellect and logic while religion principally deals these with faith and intuition. Islam, being the divine way of living in this world places equal stress on reason and faith and thus utilises reason and faculties of intellect and intuition to attain a complete vision of reality, through the Quran, the divine Words of Allah.

Islam in its final edition was revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad (s) of the series of the Prophets and Apostles Adam, Noh, Abraham, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them) chosen by Almighty Allah in different historical periods with respective Shariah (code of conduct) but having a single Deen comprised of the same basic three doctrines – One Universal God, One message of Servitude and Worship to the One Same God and the Accountability of the deeds of the humans in the life with the reward and punishment in the next life after death.

Muslims should increase knowledge of our own religion as well as the knowledge in other branches – history, ethics, philosophy and other religions. Muslims’ character and conduct should be the best up to a high standard. Symbolic practice of Islam should be expanded by living with the true spirit of Islam in our daily life.

Dear Friends, Co-workers, Supporters, Well-wishers and fellow Australians, I appeal and beg all of you never to have any hatred with anyone in this world irrespective of differences in creed, thoughts, actions and methods of dealings. We may differ and exchange ideas and persuade each other for the correction of our ideas and actions but our behaviours, manners and relationships should be loving and cordial.

Sincere love and affection is the basic pre-requisites for the development of peace and harmony in this world. May Allah help us towards the promotion of world peace and harmony.