Message from Dr Q Ashfaq Ahmad

Once again we come together to rejoice and celebrate the end of Ramadan.

And yet again we do so with the world, particularly the Muslim world, in turmoil.

It is easy to lose heart and to retract inward with this context.

Yet the opposite is what is needed. More than ever, we need to reach out and make connections.

Between fellow Muslims, irrespective of background, and between our fellow human beings, in our neighbourhood, community and our nation and beyond.

For nothing defeats prejudice and xenophobia more than regular and sustained interaction.

It was with that ideal that the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair was initiated and the overwhelming motivation for its ongoing existence in the community calendar for over 30 years.

We pray to Allah that he keeps our hearts and minds open, forever guides us in our journeys and blesses us with his mercy in these troubling times. Ameen.

Message from Dr Q Ashfaq Ahmad

Founder of the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair