Message from Frank Carbone Mayor of Fairfield City

On behalf of Fairfield City Council, I wish you a festive Eid as you celebrate the end of the
fasting month of Ramadan with friends and family.

The Eid al-Adha celebrations, also known as the Feast of Sacrifice or Festival of Sacrifice, are an important annual Islamic ceremony for Muslims around the world.

Eid has a special atmosphere of peace, respect, giving and receiving. It is a time for family
and friends to exchange gifts and enjoy feasts together.

The Australian MEFF Consortium’s Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair at the Fairfield
Showground is a wonderful addition to our extensive lists of celebrations within Fairfield City.

It brings more than 30,000 people to our area for this important Islamic tradition and it will be the largest gathering of Muslims in the Southern Hemisphere.

The event is a showcase of our harmonious and culturally diverse community.
It is a great example of how many cultures can work together in a community to celebrate
religious traditions.

I would like to thank the Australian MEFF Consortium for bringing the festival to Fairfield Cityand congratulate them for organising this event annually over the past 26 years.

Frank Carbone
Mayor of Fairfield City