Volunteers play a key role in ensuring the success of the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair (MEFF). You can help bring smiles to the faces of the Australian Multicultural community by making the experience fun, enriching and accessible to all. We are looking for a range of volunteers to assist on the day. There are a number of ways in which you can get involved! Please complete the online application form to indicate the type of role you’d like to take part in on the day.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great opportunity to gain experience in the running and organization of the first, largest, longest running Eid Festival in Australia for tens of thousands of people!


–          Gain insight into the operations of Australia’s First Largest Muslim Festival.
–          Relevant training and professional development.
–          Making a difference in delivering a showcase of Multicultural Australia.
–          A safe and supportive work environment.
–          Teamwork experiences.
–          Involvement with the Multicultural community.
–          Gain valuable and worthwhile experience of diverse cultures.
–          Have the opportunity to contribute your skills and energy to the festival.
–          Experience working in a stimulating high energy environment
–          Contribute to the work of a dynamic and creative team
–          Meet a great bunch of people and make new friends!
–          Promote personal growth and self esteem
–          Help strengthen your community
–          Develop Intrapersonal skills

Volunteer Roles Include:

Packing Showbags
Electrical Set Up
Eid Reception
Stall Support
Parking Management
Stage Cultural Performance
Entertainment Support
MEFF Information Stall & Showbag Distribution
Prayer Facilities Set Up,
Photography and Filming
Putting Up Banners & Signs
Venue Logistics

Volunteers are the building blocks of our organisation, and by volunteering just a few hours to help run the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair, you’ll be doing a great service to the Australian Multicultural community in continuing the important tradition in celebrating Eid. No special skills or experience required, just enthusiasm, reliability and a strong desire for community work!

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VOLUNTEER FAQs          

[learn_more caption=” Would I need to have experience and skills to work for MEFF?”] The Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair volunteers come from a number of backgrounds, professions and ages offering a number of different skill sets and experiences. We welcome volunteers who are students, retirees, refugees, professionals and people looking experience in running a major event. You don’t need to have experience of trained skills, we are more than glad to train you up in your volunteer area!


[learn_more caption=” Why does the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair need volunteers?”] We are a non-profit organization that thrive on selfless workers volunteering their time and skills for the service of the Australian Multicultural community. Volunteers is an integral part of The Australian MEFF Consortium’s dedication to community engagement and celebration of Eid in a large way.


[learn_more caption=” Can I choose my Shift Timings and Areas of Work?”] We take your preferences of shift timings and areas of work into consideration when allocating your shifts, however we cannot guarantee the volunteer positions. You are more than welcome to speak with our Volunteer Manager to negotiate a time and area that suits you.


[learn_more caption=” When and where are the shifts?”] The dates required are Saturday 08 July 2017 and Sunday 9 July 2017 at Fairfield Showground, Smithfield Road, Prairiewood.


[learn_more caption=” What are my responsibilities?”] You will be expected to work fairly and cooperatively with your In Charge and the other volunteers. We require that all volunteers be reliable, to do their work on time and report to their In Charge.


[learn_more caption=” What is the procedure for Volunteering?”] Volunteers:

  1. Complete an online application form close Friday 30 June 2017.
  2. Receive their confirmation email and allocated work shift timings.
  3. Attend a Volunteer Briefing Session.
  4. Participate at festival event on Saturday 08 July and/or Sunday 9 July 2017.


Have More Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact our office on 9823 2063 or email us at volunteers@meff.com.au for more information.